Learn about the device freeze feature and its ability to restrict device use. Be introduced to the feature and its uses, learn the steps for freezing devices, and for removing a freeze.

3:41 mins

Introduction to freezing devices

Get to know how device freeze works so that you can plan for how you want to use the feature. Explore the different freeze types, review use cases, and learn when you should avoid performing a device freeze.

4:47 mins

Freeze devices

Learn the steps for freezing devices from the console. This video looks closely at on-demand freeze and scheduled freeze.

NOTE: Depending on the version of Device Freeze applied to your account, the functionality described in this video may differ from your account.

3:14 mins

Unfreeze devices

This video reviews how to unfreeze devices from the console and via an unfreeze code. Learning about both methods will help you choose the appropriate approach for reinstating your devices for use.


FAQ: Latest Device Freeze - Functionality and Migration

If your account is being updated to the latest device freeze, review these commonly-asked questions so that you know what to expect.