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Use devices policies to control the detection and collection of device information. The data collected appears in the reports where you can monitor devices to ensure that they comply with your organization's best practices.

Policies overview

Learn about how policies work, how to activate simple policies, and manage existing policy groups.

2:17 mins

Introduction to device policies

Get to know policy groups, licenses, and policies and the role they play together in data collection for your reports, and feature configurations.

5:34 mins

Activate device policies

Learn how to set up policy groups, assign licenses to groups, and activate policies in the console. By activating policies, you're able to collect device information for your reports.

4:00 mins

Manage policy groups

Check out this resource if you're looking to rename existing policy groups, add or remove devices from a group, manage license consumption, and more.

5:36 mins

Address license expiry and overinstallation

What happens when you don't have enough licenses? Learn about the actions you can take for license compliance and how it all works in the console.


Clean up accounts with overinstalled licenses

Learn about the specific data fields you can use in your report filters to determine the devices to unenroll for a healthy and tidy console.


Features and editions matrix

Check out the features and policies associated with each license type by reviewing this matrix.

Feature-specific policies

Check out this section to learn about configuring policy settings for specific features.

5:27 mins

Set up Endpoint Data Discovery policies

Learn to configure Endpoint Data Discovery policies in the console to collect data about the devices containing at-risk data. Specify the types of data you consider to be risky, define the scan schedule, and more.

4:50 mins

Configure Application Persistence policies

Learn to configure Application Persistence policies in the console. By configuring these policies, you can report on, repair, and/or reinstall applications that help protect and manage your data and devices.