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Discover the power of Endpoint Data Discovery in detecting and managing at-risk data.

2:54 mins

Introduction to Endpoint Data Discovery

Get familiar with Endpoint Data Discovery and the role it plays in discovering at-risk data. Learn the basics before you begin configuring Endpoint Data Discovery policies and creating custom rules.

5:26 mins

Set up Endpoint Data Discovery policies

Learn to configure Endpoint Data Discovery policies in the console to collect data about the devices containing at-risk data. Specify the types of data you consider to be risky, define the scan schedule, and more.

3:23 mins

Perform an on-demand scan

Learn to run an on-demand scan to check for at-risk data outside of the regular scan schedule you've set up under device policies. You can choose between a full scan or delta scan when using this feature.

4:34 mins

Exclude files from Endpoint Data Discovery results

Learn about whitelisting files so that they're excluded from match score calculations and future scans. Address false positive results and increase the accuracy of match scores. Including excluded files in future scans is also discussed.

10:00 mins

Get to know Endpoint Data Discovery reports

Complete this interaction to learn about Endpoint Data Discovery reports. These reports tell you more about the devices containing at-risk data. Decide on a course of action based on what you learn.