Introduction to Absolute Geolocation and location-based rules

Before you activate Absolute Geolocation and set up location-based rules, get an overview of the features, explore common use cases, and review considerations for enabling the features.


Features overview

Learn what Absolute Geolocation and location-based rules are before diving deeper into how it can be included in your organization’s toolbox in fortifying security.


Use cases

Review use cases of how other organizations have leveraged the power of Absolute Geolocation and location-based rules.


Considerations before activating

If your organization is new to Absolute Geolocation and location-based rules, consider these factors before activating these features.


FAQ: Absolute Geolocation and the unexpected location change rule

Learn more about Absolute Geolocation and the unexpected location change rule by reviewing questions commonly asked by our customers about feature functionality and migration.

A closer look at Absolute Geolocation

This section provides an in-depth look at how Absolute Geolocation works, the steps for enabling the feature, and the location data collected.


How Absolute Geolocation works

Get an understanding of how Absolute Geolocation works so that you can use it to identify, track, and locate at-risk devices.


Enable Absolute Geolocation

To begin collecting location information, enable Absolute Geolocation by activating the Geolocation Tracking policy. For specific steps, review this Help topic.

2:58 mins

Use Absolute Geolocation data to locate devices

Learn the various ways in which you can review location data in the console. This video explores adding location columns to reports, locating devices on an interactive map, and reviewing location history.


Retrieving Absolute Geolocation data using the Device Report API

Absolute Geolocation data can be used in other applications. Get the details you need about retrieving this data using the Absolute Device Report API.

A closer look at location-based rules

This section looks at using the unexpected location change rule and viewing Absolute Geolocation events in you SIEM application

1:27 mins

How location-based rules work

Learn how location-based rules work to help you act more promptly in securing devices that have strayed.

4:04 mins

Create an unexpected location change rule

This video covers the steps for setting up a location-based rule that will alert you when a device has made any unauthorized movements.


Integrate your SIEM solution with Absolute

Learn about integrating your SIEM solution with Absolute so that you can view and analyze Absolute Geolocation events in your SIEM application.