The Learning Hub

Learn about the actions you can take to address devices that are unaccounted for in your fleet. This includes locating and recovering devices that are missing (for example, lost or misplaced), and reporting stolen devices to the Absolute Investigations team.

4:00 mins

Introduction to missing and stolen devices

Learn how to determine whether a device is missing or stolen. Get the context you need before you track a missing device or report a stolen one.

5:35 mins

Track missing devices

With the ability to track and locate missing devices in the console, you're empowered to act quickly in retrieving these devices. This video will walk you through the steps.

7:00 mins

Report stolen devices

Learn the steps for engaging with our Investigations Team in addressing stolen devices. This video looks at filing a theft report in the console.

44:50 mins

Recorded Webinar: Tracking and recovering missing devices

Devices go missing all the time, whether it’s due to loss, accident, theft, or otherwise. In this recorded webinar, our experts showcase the tools available to you for managing your missing or stolen devices.


Job Aid: Track and recover missing devices

The actions you take to locate your missing or stolen devices may vary depending on the situation. Use this guide to walk you through the steps of tracking and recovering your missing devices.