The Learning Hub

Be empowered to make knowledgeable decisions about your endpoints by reviewing reports. Use the reports to help you to gain visibility, manage risk, secure data, and more.

Reporting overview

Get an overview of reporting capabilities, and ready-made reports.

4:10 mins

Get started with reports

Explore the features and functionality of reporting in the Absolute console. Learn how to create custom reports, how to apply device actions from reports, and how to export reports so they can be shared with colleagues who don't have access to the console.

15:00 mins

Get to know ready-made reports

Explore the ready-made reports available to you in the console. Learn about the data available and how to use the reports to manage your assets, assess device security health, find at-risk data, and more.

Device Usage reports

Look more deeply at Device Usage reports. Learn about setting up these customizable reports, and get to know the report components and data.

6:19 mins

Set up the Device Usage report

Learn the steps for setting up your Device Usage report. Compare usage between groups of devices based on what you consider to be usage events.

5:00 mins

Get to know the Device Usage report

Learn to work with the dynamic features of this report and get to know the graph and data presented. Base decisions, like asset allocation, on your findings.