The Learning Hub

Step 1

Set up your device groups

Using what you learn from the unit in this section, set up the device groups you'd like to compare in the Device Usage report.

6:25 mins

Organize your devices in the console

Ready to organize your devices in the console? This video uses a sample scenario to walk you through the steps of creating folders and device groups.

Step 2

Set up device policies

Learn policy basics from the video below and then activate the Device Usage policy in the console to collect usage data.

5:36 mins

Activate device policies

Learn how to set up policy groups, assign licenses to groups, and activate policies in the console. By activating policies, you're able to collect device information for your reports.

Step 3

Set up and review Device Usage reports

Learn how to create your customized Device Usage report and then review the report components.

6:00 mins

Set up the Device Usage report

Learn the steps for setting up your Device Usage report. Compare usage between groups of devices based on what you consider to be usage events.

5:00 mins

Get to know the Device Usage report

Learn to work with the dynamic features of this report and get to know the graph and data presented. Base decisions, like asset allocation, on your findings.