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Become familiar with the tasks involved in managing your users to ensure they have the appropriate permissions to access features in the Absolute console.

3:05 mins

Introduction to user management

In this introductory video, you will learn about roles and permissions and how they are used to control the level of access that your users have to the Absolute console.

1:56 mins

Add users to the console

Anyone who will perform tasks in the console will need to be added as a user. This video reviews the steps involved to invite a new user to join the Absolute console.

4:05 mins

Manage users and roles

Learn about the options available to you for managing your users and their role assignments, such as changing role assignments, updating user information, and deleting accounts.

3:38 mins

Create a custom role

If you have users who need permissions beyond what is defined in the default roles, you can create a custom role. Learn the steps involved in this how-to video.

3:26 mins

User management best practices

Review some best practices for managing your users to ensure they have the appropriate level of access to the console.