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Learn about license compliance

Get an overview of how you can achieve license compliance. Learn about the actions you can take to address license expiry and overinstallation.

5:36 mins

Address license expiry and overinstallation

What happens when you don't have enough licenses? Learn about the actions you can take for license compliance and how it all works in the console.

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Manage licenses through policy groups

Data collection and feature-access settings are tied to licenses. Specify these settings for your devices by assigning them to a policy group with a designated license. By performing this step, you'll have an accurate account of what licenses are being consumed.

2:17 mins

Introduction to device policies

Get to know policy groups, licenses, and policies and the role they play together in data collection for your reports, and feature configurations.

5:45 mins

Activate device policies

Learn how to set up policy groups, assign licenses to groups, and activate policies in the console. By activating policies, you're able to collect device information for your reports.

4:00 mins

Manage policy groups

Check out this resource if you're looking to rename existing policy groups, add or remove devices from a group, manage license consumption, and more.

Manage licenses by unenrolling devices

To help address license expiry and overinstallation, clean up your console. Remove retired devices by unenrolling them so that they do not consume a license and inflate a situation where you don't have enough licenses.

3:17 mins

Introduction to unenrolling devices... .... ....

Discover how you can benefit from using unenrollment for effective device and license management. Get an overview of how it works before diving deeper into the topic with the other resources. Device eligibility for unenrollment is also discussed.

4:03 mins

Unenroll devices by selecting them from the console

Choose this unenroll method if you need to use filters and reports to find devices. For example, if you're looking to unenroll devices that haven't connected in the past year. As well, learn about unenrolling devices from within a device group.

4:37 mins

Bulk unenroll devices by uploading a file.

Explore the bulk unenrollment method. Use this method if you have a list of devices in a .csv or .txt file that need to be unenrolled. For example, you have a file with a list of devices from a team that handles the end-of-life process.


Clean up accounts with overinstalled licenses

Learn about the specific data fields you can use in your report filters to determine the devices to unenroll for a healthy and tidy console.

Manage licenses by purchasing more

Contact your sales rep (or email to purchase more licenses so that you have coverage for unlicensed devices.